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British – adjective ​
belonging to or relating to the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland or its people
Boozer – noun
a pub or bar, a person who drinks large quantities of alcohol.
Synonyms pub, public house, drinker, bar, public bar, saloon, drinking establishment, beer parlour, beer house, hostelry, inn, watering hole,alehouse, bar room, beer garden, bistro, canteen, cocktail lounge, drinkery, lounge, beerkeller, tap, taproom, tavern, roadhouse, gin palace, gin mill, auberge, hospice, hostel, hotel, lodge, drinking den, motel, home-from-home, retreat, beer shack, beer shanty, shelter, stopover, beer joint, dive, hangout, joint, nightclub, grog shop, honky tonk, night spot, nineteenth hole, speakeasy ……and many more.